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How to Stay in Shape For Dance Over Summer

Hello lovely people! If you are a dancer and are currently on summer vacation, you may be wondering how you will stay in shape for the next dance season, especially if you are not attending summer classes or a summer intensive. I have some tips in today's post that will get you ready to be… Continue reading How to Stay in Shape For Dance Over Summer

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Christian Workout Playlist

Hey everybody! For today's post I am showing you guys some of my favorite songs to workout to that are also Christian! Contemporary Christian music is my favorite genre, and some of the more upbeat songs are awesome to exercise to. If you saw my Favorite Christian Music post, then you may recognize some of… Continue reading Christian Workout Playlist

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Movie Review: I Can Only Imagine

Hello lovely people! Today I am trying something a little different: a movie review! Now I have done a couple book reviews, but after seeing I Can Only Imagine, I knew I had to write about it! I hope y'all enjoy! Quick Synopsis: The movie is based on the popular MercyMe song, I Can Only Imagine, and the… Continue reading Movie Review: I Can Only Imagine

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello everyone! Today I will be doing an award post. I was kindly nominated by Grace The Blogger, thank you Grace! She has an amazing lifestyle/travel/fandom/beauty blog that you should really check out :). The Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you and link their blog. Answer the questions the blogger who nominated you provided… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award